Cross the Swamp

Materials: three boards (pieces of plywood work fine or carpet square, poster board, baseball base)
about a foot square

The goal is to transfer the entire group across an open,
flat area using three protective shields without touching
the ground with any body part. Boards must not be
thrown across the open area.


Materials: one length of rope 50–100 feet long;

The group begins by forming a circle and putting the
blindfolds on. Then each person picks up the rope,
which has been tied into a circle. Everyone should be
standing on the outside of the rope. The object is for
the blindfolded group to form a square, triangle, pentagon,
or any shape the players want to try.


Materials: blindfolds

Blindfold everyone in the group. Whisper to each person
a number from one to the number of persons in the
group. After you are done, tell the players they must
line up by consecutive numbers without talking. Everyone
should begin to move slowly around each other,
putting palms up facing outward to protect themselves
from collisions.


A group of six to 12 people forms a circle. Each person
puts the right hand into the center of the circle and
clasps hands with one other person who is not standing
next to him or her. Then everyone puts their left
hand into the circle and clasps hands, again making
sure that person is not standing next to them. They
should be holding two different people’s hands. The
goal is to untangle the knot without letting go of anyone’s